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Cooking Classes

So be it a birthday, husband and wife combo or just a group of friends who want to enhance their cooking skills and have a fun night out.

Sadhana of Saville Spices will invite you into her home where she will teach you how to make a delicious meal from start to finish. And yes you will be doing the cooking yourself. A glass of wine to get the creativity flowing will definitely be waiting for you at the entrance. So be it a birthday, husband and wife combo or a group of friends, our home is your home!

How it works: 

You choose an option menu you would like and we do the rest. 

All you have to do is show up on time and let the games begin !

Whether you are a bachelor,  a mom of 3 or a private chef - these spices will soon serve as an essential addition to your kitchen when you walk away after an evening of cooking, love and laughter.

Email us from the website and we will forward you all the cooking class options with prices and payment requirements.

See you at the table soon !!!

Special Events

Saville Spices caters for small to medium sized functions. All you need do, is call us or email us and we will get your platters/ hot meals sorted prior to you. From Lamb curry, Butter chicken, Beans Curry, Bunny chow and array of samoosas, halfmoons, Vegan / Gluten free chilli bites and spring rolls. All you do is let us know what you want from our emailed price list and we do the rest.

And dont forget to shop on the website and have your spices delivered via courier or if you reside in the Cape Town are we will hand deliver. Ask for a printed recipe to match your purchase at the stall when you visit us there.

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