It all began as a little girl ....


since 2016​

This isn’t a story about spices. This is a story about love, family, stumbling and rejuvenation. Growing up on Saville Road in Durban, as a child my memories are filled with family members in and out of one another’s homes, the smell of fresh spices at every mealtime and cutting my entrepreneurial teeth selling shoe brushes outside my uncles' store. Sadhana, a young girl with big dreams, using the spirit of Saville Street to guide me through life.


Fast forward several decades and after 2 beautiful children and a number of entrepreneurial endeavours, Saville Spices was born out of the ending of a difficult relationship and the rebirth of my focus and mission to provide customers with the best cooking experience possible today.


My business partner Gary, hails from many years in the entertainment industry and his latter years were spent entertaining people at functions and events, through running his own catering company.


After asking Gary to join me in this (ad)venture. He couldn't resist the oportunity, and in so doing we put our hearts in developing a range of exquisite spices without compromising on quality. We want everyone to enjoy tasty, hassle-free cooking that doesn’t require a second thought. Simply add a tablespoon of our blends to your dish and taste the joy. We add no artificial ingredients to keep the experience pure so that we can proudly give you a taste of Saville Street.